Friday, January 8, 2010

back to the bones

i keep wanting to write.  anything, something.  i have these thoughts at night, and a sudden bravery that comes along with them.  yes, i fucking can do what i want!  genius thoughts, or sometimes just sentiments of what i wish for myself.   i keep thinking, "26, 26, 26?"  ive wasted so many years.  up until 21, life was a progression..... then it became a breath stopped short.  suffocation.  i walk through the primordial ooze that has become every waking day, and oh god it shouldn't be this much of a struggle to live, to breathe....  

1 comment:

  1. i can relate to this feeling. that's kind of an understatement... Anyways-- i'm not trying to pull you out of this loop. nothing anyone has ever said to me has inspired me to create again... but... I really enjoy seeing the stuff you make. so please keep posting pictures of birds, and maybe your writings too (esp. if they're emo- I'm pretty sure Sylvia Plath is my only friend at this point in time...) okay. So I'm trying to inspire you, but i assure you it is for my own benefit.