Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm going to be selling my necklaces again this weekend at this event to support women with breast cancer.  Please come this Saturday.  There will be food and wine at the Riverbend Winery.  You can also purchase a benefit calendar of burlesque hotties!  It's free to attend. Part of the donations of every sale will go to this organization.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

art party

so i was part of a show selling some necklaces at 6th and oak.  thanks to all who came!  here are a few crappy pics taken with a camera phone. yes, my digital is still broke.  if you see anything you like or remember a piece from the event, please email apesprill@aol.com with the subject "necklace".


Thursday, February 19, 2009

i'm a rambler.

keeping with my persuasion toward never staying in one place (this is the longest i've been in one city since high school), i really can't keep going on a project i start for more than a week or two.  i constantly crave something new.  that's why i'm putting away the necklaces and water color for a bit and going back to this collage idea i have.  this is the first (and smallest) one i made.  i've been cutting up pictures of underwater animals and plants, and of course, birds.  i envision a sort of filigree of plants or creatures with one or two that may stand out if one pays attention.  like an amorphous collage of corals, pond weed, and moss with a little baby deer running through it.  and maybe a tiny wolf stalking her in the corner.  i don't know why i've come up with this vision but it drives me to fulfill it.  it doesn't sound like much, especially when i see it now on the screen. 

but, trust me, in my head, it's extraordinary.

i miss writing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

its time.

i'm taking the framed photographs to Murray State on sunday.  i've been putting off the 3 hour drive to the boondocks much too long.  i'm kind of excited.  it's one of my first big important shows.  i even had to sign a loan agreement.  oooooh.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

speaking of birds.

i think i've been obsessed with birds lately.  here are some recent ink and water-colors i've painted.  these are just parts since i couldn't fit the whole paintings in the scanner.  camera still broke.  what ev.

To: dear friend From: april

these make really awesome valentines.  from dollfacedesign.  i'm cutting some up and giving them to people.  like the good ole days when you stayed up all night planning which classmate got what garfield cartoon valentine.  making sure to give your crush the one with a subtle hint in the message.  "will you be my valentine?"

also, i am going to thailand in a few months!  must plan.  so excited.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


These are for real.  They also have "ex-hypocrite", "ex-fornicator", "ex-athiest", etc.  AND NOW you too can get your own at The Passion For Christ Movement.  Awesome!!  I wonder why these all seem targeted to black people?

Here is an actual quote from the site:
 "WOW!!!! To Glory be to God forever the ex-masturbatur t-shirt is blazin hott got to purchase me one i'm a witness that freely by grace through faith proceeding with true repentance JESUS is a habit breaker."

Looks like Jesus didn't bless him with the gift of correct grammar and punctuation.